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Using Your Voice

Friday, January 18, 2019 3:16 PM | Joycelyn Lewis

In 2014 I had my thyroid removed and a couple of the side effects is hoarseness and not being able to project my voice.  You can imagine how difficult it was for me because I am a talker and I am a teacher. Those side effects made it difficult for me to do both.  The fact that I am a former speech therapist didn't  even guard against my feelings of frustration when I notice that I had been talking too much and it was causing my voice to become weaker.

While I was recovering from my thyroid surgery my voice became too hoarse for me to speak, so I had to text.  I prayed about this area of frustration in my life I asked the Lord "What are you trying to reveal to me through this experience?"  I asked because I had discovered that I was picking and choosing who I would text and who I would talk to.  This led me to discover several principles that I could take away from this experience.  Perhaps it will help you to discern when you should use your voice.  

 The definition of VALUE value:  to consider with respect to worth, excellence, usefulness, or importance; to regard or esteem highly:(taken from Webster's Dictionary)

My Lessons:   

“Don’t use your voice to talk with people who do not value what you have to say. When you are silent with those people (the ones who do not value your voice) your voice will be stronger when those who value your words need to hear you speak.”  This “valuing” of your voice is not about agreeing with what you say, but a willingness to consider what you’ve said.”

other revelations:  

  • Your voice is never wasted when you are speaking with someone who is willing to listen.  Even if the two of you disagree. 
  • Choose wisely to whom you give the strength of your voice to.  
  • Being silent is oftentimes the best way to give strength to your voice so that when you speak, your voice is strong.  
  • People who value your voice will help you protect your voice when necessary.  

What is the invitation?  The invitation is to only speak when you are in the company of someone who values what you have to say.  This requires you to wait and to listen to the Holy Spirit say, "you can use your voice now". 

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