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I Am Woman

Friday, February 08, 2019 1:09 AM | Equipping Lydia Administrator (Administrator)

"I am woman...I am...a child of God, full of grace and dignity...I am God's beloved, unique and free to form friendships, to marry or to stay single, depending on my life call...What, then, inclines others to label me? To frame my life in their design? To make me a victim of oppressive structures, attitudinal prejudices, crass stereotypes? Power and subjugation overshadow equality and respect as if I, woman, were a thing to be used, an object to be traded, a commodity to create pleasure. 

I am woman...I am..many tongues rejoicing, many crying in pain...I am yellow, brown, black, red, and white...I am a multitude of cultures and creeds, talents and gifts."  ~
Dr. Susan Muto taken from the Book Womanspirit

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