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Centering Prayer Training Retreat

Saturday, October 7 & 21 from 9am-1pm on the Asbury Seminary campus in Wilmore, KY. 

Are you feeling called to spiritual formation leadership?  Do you have a desire to help others incorporate sacred rhythms of prayer and silence into their spiritual lives?  Equipping Lydia is offering a leadership training opportunity to learn and practice the art of Centering Prayer and leadership in "The Gentle Way."  Participants who attend this training retreat will also be given opportunities to help in the leadership of future EL retreats and weekly prayer meetings.  If you are interested in this opportunity to train and lead, contact Erin Benjamin at info@equippinglydia.org or call (859)858-2109.

Centering Prayer Retreats​
We are offering 3 centering Prayer Retreats:

Saturday, November 4, December 9, and January 13 from 9am- 1pm on the Asbury Seminary Campus in Wilmore, KY.

Centering Prayer is rooted deep in Christian tradition, but unfortunately has gotten lost as a regular practice for most of us in our spiritual lives. On an EL Centering Prayer retreat, Jocelyn Lewis will be leading us through sacred rhythms, which help foster a deepening entrance into the practice of Centering Prayer.  Our lives are often busy, hectic and loud.  This retreat will help quiet the noise in our heads, get still, and encounter the deep reaches of our being as God's beloved children.  

To attend one of these retreats, sign up here: Centering Prayer Retreat

Profound Simplicity: A Life Welcoming Approach To The Holiday Season...Online only.

Friday, December 2, 2012, 6pm-8:30pm online via Zoom.

Jesus came into the world quite simply and yet it was the most profound moment in all of creation. But, the holiday season can be overwhelming for many. Some eat too much food, spend too much money or have too little time for considering what all the busy-ness is about.   Some experience a sense of loss in the midst of all the excess.  Laura Baber will lead an exploration to help Christians focus on preparing for a different kind of holiday season this year. Prepare for advent and explore the profound simplicity of Christ's coming. 

To participate, email your request to attend to Sandra at scheduling@equippinglydia.org.

Oils of the Bible Retreat Experience
Friday, November 17, 2017 at 6pm-8pm on Asbury Campus 106 June Ryan Cir, Wilmore, KY, (McPheeters Building, SH123.)

Essentail oils are used throughout scripture for worship, healing, anointing and more.  Join us as we aromatically experience the stories in scripture which involve the use of oils and incense.  As we use oils as a framework for this retreat, we will engage the powerful connection smells have in our lives, and experience the same scents which were breathed through the bodies of ancient Biblical pillars of faith.  For more info, please contact Erin Benjamin at info@equippinglydia.org.

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